Friday, September 15, 2017

Substitute patterns

Commercial patterns you can use in place of my pattern Voque V9235 view B.

If you shorten this pattern and add lining it should work too. They urge you to make a hat for donating if you use their pattern. I can't post a picture of the hat since they don't allow it.

This appears to be a 6 part crown, a little more sewing but you get a better fitting hat. Beginner sewing pattern.

For girls pattern You could use McCall's M7012

And just add a headband and flower.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Twist headband

Cut a strip 40 1/2 by 5 inches, making sure it stretches lenghtwise. Sew the short ends right sides together to get a loop. Finish the edges with a rolled hem on serger or leave unfinished (knits do not ravel much).

Fold into a figure 8.

Fold the part that is under over the other.

Straighten out and bring loops together.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Testing unlined caps and sheer headbands

Please use alternative patterns listed here 

For summer I made some unlined hats from soft rayon. They are heading out to be tested by one of my Etsy customers. After I figure out any issues with them I will try to make more.

I also got some sheer knit for headbands and flowers. Very happy with how vibrant the sheer headbands look. I put the flowers on pinbacks which gives many more possibilities to mix and match hats, headbands and flowers. 1 hat with 3 headbands/flowers gives 7 different ways to wear.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Heading for my yearly checkup

Today is my check up with the oncologist. I am taking with me 16 headcoverings for the infusion room at RGH. I am always grateful that I am able to do this. It's because of them that my whole chemo headcovering crating got started. On my first chemo day I was able to pick out a hat made by a volounteer, it touched my heart deeply. And once I recovered from treatments I  wanted to pay it forward. To this date I have been able to donate more than 376 headcoverings.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Please use alternative patterns listed here   

  1. the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
    synonyms:copying, infringement of copyright, piracytheft, stealing;
    "accusations of plagiarism"

My son is still taught in school that plagiarism is not nice or acceptable behavior.

What is your opinion? Let me know in the comments.

Have we really come this far that plagiarism is now called creativity???
Is plagiarism now an acceptable behavior?
Are "work at home moms" somehow immune to plagiarism and in their case is it called creativity?
Is plagiarism called "creativity" when someone is trying to feed their family?
Is it OK to plagiarize another work at home mom?
Is it acceptable to profit from plagiarism?
Do you support "work at home moms" who plagiarize?
Is it called slander and bullying if someone calls someone out on plagiarism?
Is it OK to plagiarize something if you paid for the item?

Patterns will no longer be available

You may direct all your concerns directly to

or Brittney Sanchez.

The hostile environment no longer allows me to share and to do nice things for others.

60 headcoverings donated

You can follow the process here

They went to Estonian cancer patients. I got help with the delivery from fellow estonian expats.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Coming Soon! A FREE chemo hat pattern: Lilian!

So I was inspired by an unnamed person to continue doing what I do best - offering FREE chemo hat patterns. This pattern has been under works for a while. I will dedicate it to my cancer sister and it is named in her honor. Here is a sneek peek at the Lilian!

This is only my second prototype, I am still trying to work out the kinks. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No comment.

Volunteer opportunity

To anyone in Crestview, Florida, Brittney Sanchez is planning a chemo cap making event at her church Christ Family Church. I am sure it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can volunteer or donate supplies. Here is the contact information for the church the event will take place:

 Christ Family Church
Highlights info row image
(850) 683-8169

 I will match her churches donation of hat and headband sets (not infinity scarves) to local hospital.

Edited to prove that based on the information I have the event is a go.

Lier, lier pants on fire!

She claims she did not sell the hat. However on her Etsy account it clearly says that she sold on

Here is where she puts her foot in her mouth:

Wow. Well. I am not a youth pastor. I do not get paid by my church. I am a stay at home mom.
I did not sell the hat that I used your pattern that I GAVE my aunt. I also credited you on Instagram when I posted it. 

Its easy to gain support from women when you did not allow me to explain my side. Now if you would have contacted me and if I would have ignored your anger, then I could see where you would post all of this. But to not even give me a chance to defend myself and go straight to rallying women to call me a thief and Jezebel is hurtful and uncalled for. Calling me a bad Christian and saying I'm the cause for lack of goodness in the world? I just don't understand why you have been so quick to be hateful. I would never wish to taint someone's name without first giving them the opportunity to explain themselves.

Be quick to listen and slow to anger<< I'm not stealing that, it's from the Bible.

You gave me no opportunity to tell you that I truly feel like my 3 in 1 pattern is different. 
But since you clearly feel that it's not, I have taken my listing down.

I apologize for any anger I have caused you. It was truly unintentional.

Does it not say SOLD tere! She truly is a piece of work.

Justice has been served by Etsy!

After so many people have suggested I reported the Dot Dot Shoppe to Etsy. And they take copyright issues very seriously. In less than 24h the shop owner left a comment on this blog saying she took the listing down (not out her free will of course, but because Etsy made her do so).

It was not Etsy that resulted in removing the listing. It must have been a fellow blog reader who was looking for a free pattern. Thank you whoever you are!

Here is her full comment:

Hello, I the owner of Dot Dot Shoppe who is being referred to here. I wish I would have been contacted so that I could have at least defended myself instead of getting a message accusing me of stealing.
I would like to point out that if I were going to steal, why would I leave evidence behind by posting a picture on Snip Hip Horray?
I am a small business owner and I very much like to give credit to fellow small business owner. I have used Brindle and Twig patterns many times and I always credit them. The first hat I made using Snip Hip Hooray pattern, I had to make up a lot of it as I went because the instructions weren't clear, but even still, I credited her when I posted on social media.
After I made it though it still just wasn't what I wanted it to be. I wanted something reversible, I wanted a band that could double as a headband, the measurements of the cap itself weren't what I needed, and several more things.
I searched and tried many patterns without finding what I needed so I made my own. I took what I had learned from everyone, and made it myself. I was so excited because I had never done that before.
The pattern that I took the most tips from on how to make a reversible hat was a completely different style of hat that I applied the same principles to this skull cap but even still, their pattern gave permission to sell.

The technique that I kept from Domestic Godess was how to make the ruffle.

Domestic Godess, I wish you would have just contacted me instead of accusing me of stealing and using my aunt. I included her story in my description because I wanted it to relate to how other chemo patients might feel.

My price isn't out of greed. The fabric i used was expensive.

If you would have contacted me I would have explained my reasoning and if you still felt like my product was too similar, I would have been more than willing to take it down, credit you or whatever.

I felt like it was totally different in that mine is a 3 in 1 cap. If you felt differently, I wish you would have contacted me instead of going straight to blasting me.
My main seller is my hammered out coins that I handstamp, I went to another local place and they too had something very similar, only their coins were flattened out smooth by a crank machine. Other than that, our product was the same, I didn't go and accuse them of taking my idea. They took something and made it their own.

Anyways, I took the listing down until hopefully you and I can straighten this out. I was going to send this in a personal email to you but couldn't find a contact button on your page.
If you would like to email me at you can, otherwise I will look for your response here.

I do apologize if you feel I have wronged you and I hope we can sort this out. For me it is just a cap and not worth making anyone angry. I personally felt that I made it my own but if you feel differently than I can respect that.

Now if she was a decent person she would make her "original" pattern and construction method available for free for everyone to make up for the fact that her actions caused me not to offer my pattern for free. She was even kind enough to leave an email for you if you wish to contact her directly .

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good deeds will not go unpunished!

Please use alternative patterns listed here 

So you try to do something nice and someone will always come around and try to take advantage of you kindness and ruin it for everyone else. If it weren't for greedy people this world would be a much nicer place. So I put chemo scarf and hat patterns up for free hoping it would be helpful for someone going through chemo, they themselves or someone that cares about them could whip up a hat or scarf quickly and inexpensively.

But according to my 16 year old son it is all my fault for being nice and not charging for the patterns. And yes it is my fault because I forgot to put the notice "only for personal or charitable use" like I did with the scarf pattern.

And this person of course was quick to notice. So first on Pinterest they let know that they tried the pattern.

So that's fine. Trying to help out her aunt.

But a couple of days later this sale listing appears on Etsy. Her store link

My hats sell for $14.99 and she is selling hers for $28 while she put minimal effort into creating something original.

Not only is this person attempting to profit off of my hard work but she thinks it's OK to profit from someone else's misfortune (the cancer patient).

So this is the story why my patterns are no longer free. Go and say thank you to this lovely person. I hope she will "look fabulous" (quoted from her listing without her permission) when karma comes to bite her.

Both patterns are now $2.50 each in my Etsy store, all proceeds after Etsy fees will go to a cancer related cause.

Patterns are down!

Sorry, I had to take the patterns down for a while. I am working on a best way to make them public again. You may read here why I had to take the patterns down

FREE PATTERNS here if you answer a question in the comments PLAGIARISM