Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lier, lier pants on fire!

She claims she did not sell the hat. However on her Etsy account it clearly says that she sold on

Here is where she puts her foot in her mouth:

Wow. Well. I am not a youth pastor. I do not get paid by my church. I am a stay at home mom.
I did not sell the hat that I used your pattern that I GAVE my aunt. I also credited you on Instagram when I posted it. 

Its easy to gain support from women when you did not allow me to explain my side. Now if you would have contacted me and if I would have ignored your anger, then I could see where you would post all of this. But to not even give me a chance to defend myself and go straight to rallying women to call me a thief and Jezebel is hurtful and uncalled for. Calling me a bad Christian and saying I'm the cause for lack of goodness in the world? I just don't understand why you have been so quick to be hateful. I would never wish to taint someone's name without first giving them the opportunity to explain themselves.

Be quick to listen and slow to anger<< I'm not stealing that, it's from the Bible.

You gave me no opportunity to tell you that I truly feel like my 3 in 1 pattern is different. 
But since you clearly feel that it's not, I have taken my listing down.

I apologize for any anger I have caused you. It was truly unintentional.

Does it not say SOLD tere! She truly is a piece of work.


Unknown said...

My foot isn't in my mouth. The hat I used your pattern I gave to my aunt. The hat that was on my Etsy was my pattern. I have sold 1.

Unknown said...

you CANNOT dictate what someone does with the item THEY have made from your pattern whether FREE OR NOT. you may request that they not do certain things, but you cannot legally do anything about it. if you do not want people to profit off of your pattern then it is best to not have it out there. or raise your price. I did buy the pattern to make because i liked your design, but honestly if I would have read this blog post first, i most likely would not have purchased from you. It was rude the way you drug her name through the mud without contacting her privately first to resolve the matter - and then continue to tantrum on the internet like a toddler

Read the Simplicity email from 2009 that attempts to tell people how they can and cannot use a Simplicity pattern. We deconstruct this lie-filled email.
Let us begin by repeating the lies most often told by pattern designers and pattern manufacturers. One fact that escapes most pattern users is that patterns generally are not registered with the US Copyright Office. This means two things to a pattern purchaser. First, that the pattern manufacturer cannot make a copyright infringement claim in federal court if it has not attempted to get a copyright registration. And second, patterns are not generally copyrightable so any claims made by the pattern manufacturer about the purchaser having to follow any restrictions imposed by the pattern manufacturer are not legally enforceable.

Keep in mind that the end product of the pattern does not matter. A pattern is a pattern. Whether the pattern is for clothing, quilting, embroidery or making a birdhouse, it is a pattern. And if the pattern were to have copyright protection, that copyright protection does not cover any articles made from the pattern. This applies to free patterns, purchased patterns or patterns given to you as a gift.


I'll leave this here too as well.

(from the same site)
False claim:
By purchasing this pattern, you agree to the following terms.
Since when? Absent some form of consent, or a written contract, the pattern designer/manufacturer has no right to impose conditions upon the purchaser. The courts are in agreement that some sort of consent must be shown by the purchaser before any limitations on the use of the copyrighted item can be enforced. The simple act of printing such a statement on a web site or on a copyrighted article is not enforceable without consent before the purchase.

i would suggest that snip-rip-hooray should familiarize herself with the applicable laws before slandering another business owner!!