Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Etsy store Holiday coupon

Going through chemo during holidays is especially hard  I had chemo around thanksgiving and one day before Christmas. I am still surprised how I was able to cook the holiday dinner, the steroids helped a lot, but I remember I hardly ate any of the dinner. So to make these holidays a bit brighter I have made a coupon for $5 off of purchase of $10 - "5OFF10" it is good until January 1st '17. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Etsy Store

Yesterday I finally opened my Etsy store. I had been thinking about it for a log time. So far I have just donated my hats locally. But I kept thinking that hat for chemo is nice but what would be nicer is a cure. I will still keep donating half the hats. The other half I'll try to sell and donate the money (minus the cost of supplies and listing fees) to cancer research. And this way I will also get a better idea about peoples tastes, right now I really don't get any feedback when I donate, the nurses have just said that they like the hats a lot. I stocked the store with my latest batch that I whipped up, some great fall colors. I still have some items that I need to list and I need to work on my descriptions. Sohere are some items I stocked the store with.

FREE PATTERNS here if you answer a question in the comments PLAGIARISM

Pre tied chemo scarf in large colorful ITY knit print. Extra long ties.

Pre tied scarf in plum ITY knit.

Pre tied chemo scarf in maroon ponte knit.

Chevron stripe chemo scarf.

I tried something different by adding a flower headband to the scarf.

Black ITY knit chemo scarf with velour flower headband.

Pre tied chemo scarf in blue velour knit. The scarf was easier to sew than the skullcaps in the same fabric.

Chemo hat with flower headband. I did the flowers a little differently.

Hat and flower are in ponte knt, headband is ITY knit.

Chemo cap with flower headband in maroon ponte knit. Free pattern available.

Lined chemo hat with flower headband. I used some netting with the fower.

Lined chemo cap with flower, Free chemo hat pattern available.

The flowers on the headband are chiffon.

Chemo hat with scarf.

Different way to tie the scarf, tuck the ends in.

Chemo cap with tied scarf.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Skullcap pattern

Just like so many other sewers I have trouble parting with my scraps. I have been looking for a way to use them. I saw a great little skullcap pattern and figured that I could use my scraps for the cap part and use a coordinating fabric for the band and ties. The pattern is only $2.50 and can be found here Etsy. I made mine out of knit and it worked fine and has a great fit. In some caps I made the ties wider and longer and usually I made the band/ties double thickness. I'll try to make a tutorial in the near future.

This is the skullcap done without any alterations to the pattern. The velour is slippery and hard to sew.
One of my favorites, both cap and band/ties are ITY knit. I made the ties longer and wider.
The 3 part cap makes for a great fit.
The velour knit again, this time I doubled the band/ties and made the ties longer and wider.

The long ties may be tied into a floppy bow for a more feminine look.
The back of a skullcap sewn without any alterations to the pattern.
The cap part is ITY knit and the ties are ponte knit, long and wide ties are rounded at the ends.

My favorite fabric, if fabric has 4 way stretch then ties/band can be cut in any direction.

Medium length ties, print and solid ITY knits.

Another ITY knit with extra long and wide ties.