Tuesday, February 9, 2016

120 Scarves and Hats

I missed an original milestone I had set for myself. I wanted to make and donate 100 headcoverings  with my free chemo scarf pattern and see if I would want to continue from there. I missed the 100 scarf and hat mark and I still have a bunch of material left. I guess I must have hoarding tendencies when it comes to fabric and I will always find an excuse to purchase more. In the last batch of pre tied chemo scarves and hats I got really bored while sewing with solids. The hats were a bit more fun but I am still not quite happy how they are turning out. My free chemo scarf pattern can be found here Scarf Pattern . My free chemo hat pattern is here  Hat Pattern, tutorial for sewing is here Chemo Hat tutorial.
FREE PATTERNS here if you answer a question in the comments PLAGIARISM

This is an easy one piece pattern for pretied chemo bandanna. Free tutorial and sewing pattern for chemo hat that looks like a scarf. Free sewing pattern for chemo scarf that wears like a chemo cap. Easy free sewing pattern for chemo cap that looks like a scarf.