Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good deeds will not go unpunished!

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So you try to do something nice and someone will always come around and try to take advantage of you kindness and ruin it for everyone else. If it weren't for greedy people this world would be a much nicer place. So I put chemo scarf and hat patterns up for free hoping it would be helpful for someone going through chemo, they themselves or someone that cares about them could whip up a hat or scarf quickly and inexpensively.

But according to my 16 year old son it is all my fault for being nice and not charging for the patterns. And yes it is my fault because I forgot to put the notice "only for personal or charitable use" like I did with the scarf pattern.

And this person of course was quick to notice. So first on Pinterest they let know that they tried the pattern.

So that's fine. Trying to help out her aunt.

But a couple of days later this sale listing appears on Etsy. Her store link

My hats sell for $14.99 and she is selling hers for $28 while she put minimal effort into creating something original.

Not only is this person attempting to profit off of my hard work but she thinks it's OK to profit from someone else's misfortune (the cancer patient).

So this is the story why my patterns are no longer free. Go and say thank you to this lovely person. I hope she will "look fabulous" (quoted from her listing without her permission) when karma comes to bite her.

Both patterns are now $2.50 each in my Etsy store, all proceeds after Etsy fees will go to a cancer related cause.

Patterns are down!

Sorry, I had to take the patterns down for a while. I am working on a best way to make them public again. You may read here why I had to take the patterns down

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