Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Heading for my yearly checkup

Today is my check up with the oncologist. I am taking with me 16 headcoverings for the infusion room at RGH. I am always grateful that I am able to do this. It's because of them that my whole chemo headcovering crating got started. On my first chemo day I was able to pick out a hat made by a volounteer, it touched my heart deeply. And once I recovered from treatments I  wanted to pay it forward. To this date I have been able to donate more than 376 headcoverings.


Unknown said...

I hope your yearly appointment went well. I was reading your Etsy account and was so pleased to see what a wonderful service you do donating each time a cap is bought from you. I know the patients who receive your caps are so very grateful. I am a chemo nurse at an infusion clinic and my heart breaks each time one of my patients begins to lose their hair. I have been stalking your site trying to get the courage up to sew a few caps to donate. I see your work and want to give as you do. Thank you for your kindness in sharing your pattern, your new inventions and tweaks and above all your courage to fight the battle!

Domestic Godess said...

Sybil - just sew some up! Done is better than perfect - has been my motto. Even if it does not come out perfect, at least you will learn from that. And the hats really are quite simple.

JOperchal said...

It is not ok for someone to profit from another's creativity and it's sad that you had to experience that. I read the complete blog post and I hope you don't let that experience sour you on the intent of your original goodness. As I'm considering making some of these to donate, would you please send me the pattern. Good luck!