Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hats and scarves galore

My free chemo scarf pattern and tutorial is here 
This sequined knit was very thin and I had to line cap part.
 My free chemo hat pattern can be found here SORRY THE PATTERN IS OFFLINE!  the sewing tutorial is here Hat Tutorial . Contrast headbands with ruffle flowers.

Pretied chemo scarf in pastel hues.

Pink jacquard ITY knit with diagonal stripes, prettied chemoscarf.

Flowy ITY knit makes a lightweight chemo cap.

I changed up some of these chemo hats by just adding a flower pin. I used satin, chiffon and tulle for the flowers.I line the chemo hats in rayon, great for hot flashes.

Chemo hat from knit fabric with removable headband and fabric flower.

Chemo hat from lightweight ITY knit with flower headband.


Unknown said...

Where can I get the patterns?

Domestic Godess said...

The scarf pattern and tutorial are here
Hat pattern is here and tutorial is here