Friday, April 24, 2015

More scarves

Here are a few more that I made from different polyester knits. The purpose of the elastic in the back is to be able to gather the large amount of fabric. The stretch comes from the knit fabric itself, just make sure you place the pattern on the fabric so that stretch is in the same direction as straight hem.

Abstract houndstooth ITY knit
ITY knit

Raspberry crushed velour
Berry ribbed ottoman knit

Animal print ITY knit
Houndstooth ITY knit with slight sheen

The only difference to the original Free chemo scarf pattern is that I made the scarf ends pointy since it makes it easier to do the rolled hem.
The crushed velour came from Fashion Fabrics Club, all other fabrics were from FabricMart


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Hi, I found your instructions for the scarves with knit fabric very clear and easy follow. Thanks so much! I would like to make some in polyester and crushed velour for a dear friend of mine who is quite unwell. I suspect there's a bit of a change in the pattern for the rolled hem and the pointier ends - are you able to publish an instructable on this, with diagrams/photos? If so, I would be most grateful. Also, my friend really loves the hats you have made with their embellishments - can you do a step-by-step post on them also at some point?

Domestic Godess said...

I have been thinking about redoing the scarf pattern and adding the hat pattern for a while. But with 2 kids and dealing with the after effects of cancer myself it has gone by the wayside. I may post how to do the pointy ends in a few days. And I'll try to get the hat pattern and tutorial up after the Easter vacation. Your friend is lucky to have a caring friend like you!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

Sarah said...

If you can send me a quick message here to let me know when the tutorial is up, that would be great. I'll get notified in my emails. (I haven't worked out yet how to subscribe to your blog).

Domestic Godess said...

The hat pattern is up and so is the tutorial for the flowers. Still working on the instructions for the hat.

Unknown said...

I printed the pattern but I don't see the instructions? Please let me know where I can find them. Thanks so much!

Domestic Godess said...

I don't have printable instructions just the tutorial. But your comment made me think that it would be a good idea to add them with the pattern.