Monday, November 16, 2015

Even more scarves and a few hats

I made some more scarves and found that I had just enough scraps to make some hats as well. For the hat pattern I used the pattern by . I had to modify the pattern because my knit behaved differently and I used lining so my hats were assembled differently but it's still a basic beanie pattern. My altered hat pattern can now me found here Free Chemo Hat Pattern, tutorial for sewing is here Free chemo Hat Sewing Tutorial.
Tie dyed ribbed velour from 
Jaquard knit

ITY knit
ITY knit
Teal ITY knit

ITY knit
Sweater knit

Free chemo cap pattern and tutorial. Free chemo hat sewing pattern. Free pattern for comfortable chemo head-covering. Free pattern for chemo scarf pattern that is as easy to wear as a hat. Free pattern for pretied chemo bandanna that is as easy to wear as a hat. free chemo cap Pattern only has one piece.

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