Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good deeds will not go unpunished!

Please use alternative patterns listed here 

So you try to do something nice and someone will always come around and try to take advantage of you kindness and ruin it for everyone else. If it weren't for greedy people this world would be a much nicer place. So I put chemo scarf and hat patterns up for free hoping it would be helpful for someone going through chemo, they themselves or someone that cares about them could whip up a hat or scarf quickly and inexpensively.

But according to my 16 year old son it is all my fault for being nice and not charging for the patterns. And yes it is my fault because I forgot to put the notice "only for personal or charitable use" like I did with the scarf pattern.

And this person of course was quick to notice. So first on Pinterest they let know that they tried the pattern.

So that's fine. Trying to help out her aunt.

But a couple of days later this sale listing appears on Etsy. Her store link

My hats sell for $14.99 and she is selling hers for $28 while she put minimal effort into creating something original.

Not only is this person attempting to profit off of my hard work but she thinks it's OK to profit from someone else's misfortune (the cancer patient).

So this is the story why my patterns are no longer free. Go and say thank you to this lovely person. I hope she will "look fabulous" (quoted from her listing without her permission) when karma comes to bite her.

Both patterns are now $2.50 each in my Etsy store, all proceeds after Etsy fees will go to a cancer related cause.


Sarah said...

Report her! There's a report button when you click on the etsy link. It's difficult to tell but is the first post on the pinterest by her, admitting she copied from your design? If so, you can take action against her via etsy (Esty takes intellectual property right VERY seriously).

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, I just took a closer look and yes, it's the same woman. Disgusting. Please sniphiphooray, take action with etsy ASAP, for your intellectual property rights and the terms you had for reproduction, along with your printscreen evidence.

Sarah said...

and even if you didn't have the terms of reproduction, it's still your work, which she didn't credit at all, and you do have an etsy store. She would have seen your scarves as well, with the disclaimer on it, which is a given for the hats also.

Lori Choman said...

It's horrible that she stole your work. I fell in love with it and came here hoping for the pattern because I'm tired of trying to find a wig I like and tired of having to pick from the material that other people use. I wanted to make some using my own material. *sigh* I'll keep looking for a pattern. I agree with her.

Helen Limberg said...

How do I put the elastic in. There are no directions on where or how it is put on pattern.

Domestic Godess said...

The instructions are here
Let me know if that helps you or if it's still unclear.

Brittney Sanchez said...

Hello, I the owner of Dot Dot Shoppe who is being referred to here. I wish I would have been contacted so that I could have at least defended myself instead of getting a message accusing me of stealing.
I would like to point out that if I were going to steal, why would I leave evidence behind by posting a picture on Snip Hip Horray?
I am a small business owner and I very much like to give credit to fellow small business owner. I have used Brindle and Twig patterns many times and I always credit them. The first hat I made using Snip Hip Hooray pattern, I had to make up a lot of it as I went because the instructions weren't clear, but even still, I credited her when I posted on social media.
After I made it though it still just wasn't what I wanted it to be. I wanted something reversible, I wanted a band that could double as a headband, the measurements of the cap itself weren't what I needed, and several more things.
I searched and tried many patterns without finding what I needed so I made my own. I took what I had learned from everyone, and made it myself. I was so excited because I had never done that before.
The pattern that I took the most tips from on how to make a reversible hat was a completely different style of hat that I applied the same principles to this skull cap but even still, their pattern gave permission to sell.

The technique that I kept from Domestic Godess was how to make the ruffle.

Domestic Godess, I wish you would have just contacted me instead of accusing me of stealing and using my aunt. I included her story in my description because I wanted it to relate to how other chemo patients might feel.

My price isn't out of greed. The fabric i used was expensive.

If you would have contacted me I would have explained my reasoning and if you still felt like my product was too similar, I would have been more than willing to take it down, credit you or whatever.

I felt like it was totally different in that mine is a 3 in 1 cap. If you felt differently, I wish you would have contacted me instead of going straight to blasting me.
My main seller is my hammered out coins that I handstamp, I went to another local place and they too had something very similar, only their coins were flattened out smooth by a crank machine. Other than that, our product was the same, I didn't go and accuse them of taking my idea. They took something and made it their own.

Anyways, I took the listing down until hopefully you and I can straighten this out. I was going to send this in a personal email to you but couldn't find a contact button on your page.
If you would like to email me at you can, otherwise I will look for your response here.

I do apologize if you feel I have wronged you and I hope we can sort this out. For me it is just a cap and not worth making anyone angry. I personally felt that I made it my own but if you feel differently than I can respect that.

Domestic Godess said...

I have never had as much private messages as I have had after I exposed you. So many women have been so supportive. Some women go as far as calling you Jezebel. Some did a lot snooping and even found out that you are a youth pastor. What a great example you are setting for youth. Some have said that I should have contacted your church or the local media where you live. Does your job not pay enough that you have to profit from someone else's work and the cancer patient?
I feel so sorry that my FREE pattern was not good enough for you! I did not put a pattern out there for FREE so that you could PROFIT from it!
It's not just me who feels differently. Etsy felt the same way, hundreds of women who visit my blog feel the same. And you robbed the women dealing with chemo the chance to enjoy a free pattern.
And as the pope said: "It's better to be an atheist than a bad christian."
You and people like you are the reason there is not enough good in the world.

Brittney Sanchez said...

Wow. Well. I am not a youth pastor. I do not get paid by my church. I am a stay at home mom.
Again, I did not sell the hat that I used your pattern that I GAVE my aunt. I also credited you on Instagram when I posted it.

Its easy to gain support from women when you did not allow me to explain my side. Now if you would have contacted me and if I would have ignored your anger, then I could see where you would post all of this. But to not even give me a chance to defend myself and go straight to rallying women to call me a thief and Jezebel is hurtful and uncalled for. Calling me a bad Christian and saying I'm the cause for lack of goodness in the world? I just don't understand why you have been so quick to be hateful. I would never wish to taint someone's name without first giving them the opportunity to explain themselves.

Be quick to listen and slow to anger<< I'm not stealing that, it's from the Bible.

You gave me no opportunity to tell you that I truly feel like my 3 in 1 pattern is different.
But since you clearly feel that it's not, I have taken my listing down.

I apologize for any anger I have caused you. It was truly unintentional.

Domestic Godess said...

OK , so you are not a youth pastor , you are just a pattern stealer.

Why would I have needed to contact you? What do I owe you? I have hurt you????????????????? I have tainted your name?????????? You only took the listing down because Etsy made you to!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are indeed right, I am not christian and I am hateful. Whats wrong with that, I sleep well at night.

Brittney Sanchez said...

Etsy did not contact me. The only reason I knew about this post was because a woman contacted me last night on Etsy, which I sent you pictures of that conversation. I will be happy to let you know when/if I get contacted by Etsy.

Sunset Sky said...

I myself am a cancer patient and was looking for a chemo hat pattern (I like the scarf with the long tails). Free would be nice but even $2.50 is reasonable price. So I might purchase it if I think I will feel up to the work of making my own. If not, I appreciate those who take the time and effort to do the sewing themselves as both these ladies do and have them available for purchase, that might be easier for me. The type of fabric used will understandably effect the price, so depending on what I'm looking for I might be willing to pay a little more for a fancier fabric like Brittany uses.

Regarding the accusation of pattern stealing; it seems unfounded since there was no stipulation on how the free pattern could be used and Brittany used various different ideas from various sources and added some her own changes to create an original item.

Domestic Goddess - don't let negativity darken the good you were trying to do. This business of groundless accusations, and the fact that you didn't try to address your concern one on one with Brittany first (which is the best way to handle an offense) before posting it publicly, has me considering looking elsewhere for my chemo hat needs. There are many options out there. Perhaps something for you to consider.

Joyce Weaver said...
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Joyce Weaver said...

This is for Sunset Sky Here are some links for free hats. and there are more look on Pinterest. This person doesnt' care if you make it to sell. She just gives you instructions how to make the hat and you do what you want with it. I don't think people should sell a pattern and say you can;t make anything with it. SO I look for free with no restrictions.

I do hope these two people work it out. I am not sure how to patent a pattern.

Domestic Godess said...

Most commercial patterns are for home or personal use only.

Skye Paige said...

you CANNOT dictate what someone does with the item THEY have made from your pattern whether FREE OR NOT. you may request that they not do certain things, but you cannot legally do anything about it. if you do not want people to profit off of your pattern then it is best to not have it out there. or raise your price. I did buy the pattern to make because i liked your design, but honestly if I would have read this blog post first, i most likely would not have purchased from you. It was rude the way you drug her name through the mud without contacting her privately first to resolve the matter - and then continue to tantrum on the internet like a toddler

Read the Simplicity email from 2009 that attempts to tell people how they can and cannot use a Simplicity pattern. We deconstruct this lie-filled email.
Let us begin by repeating the lies most often told by pattern designers and pattern manufacturers. One fact that escapes most pattern users is that patterns generally are not registered with the US Copyright Office. This means two things to a pattern purchaser. First, that the pattern manufacturer cannot make a copyright infringement claim in federal court if it has not attempted to get a copyright registration. And second, patterns are not generally copyrightable so any claims made by the pattern manufacturer about the purchaser having to follow any restrictions imposed by the pattern manufacturer are not legally enforceable.

Keep in mind that the end product of the pattern does not matter. A pattern is a pattern. Whether the pattern is for clothing, quilting, embroidery or making a birdhouse, it is a pattern. And if the pattern were to have copyright protection, that copyright protection does not cover any articles made from the pattern. This applies to free patterns, purchased patterns or patterns given to you as a gift.

Skye Paige said...

I'll leave this here too as well.

False claim:
By purchasing this pattern, you agree to the following terms.
Since when? Absent some form of consent, or a written contract, the pattern designer/manufacturer has no right to impose conditions upon the purchaser. The courts are in agreement that some sort of consent must be shown by the purchaser before any limitations on the use of the copyrighted item can be enforced. The simple act of printing such a statement on a web site or on a copyrighted article is not enforceable without consent before the purchase.

Domestic Godess said...

Skye Paige I am happy to give you a refund. My point is that I made the pattern for people who "need" it. I did not make it so that someone could profit from it. So in your mind it's OK to get food from a food pantry and then to turn around and sell it so you could go on vacation????? Is that OK in your mind????? I made the pattern for people with CANCER!!!!!! Not for commercial purposes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have the right for your opinion and I for mine. But I have way more messages supporting me , so the majority of people agree that what she did was not morally right. She took something that was not meant for her!!!!!

Skye Paige said...

How can you honestly compare the two. A pattern that DID NOT STATE anything when she downloaded the pattern. And then treat her like that. (Not that words typed out stating you can only use it for a certain reason is binding) Sorry that I don't stand for bullying when she did nothing wrong. That's great that you made it for people who need it. But you cannot dictate what people do with what they make with your pattern. And if you think differently then you shouldn't be in the pattern making business.! You're right we're all entitled to our own opinions, but you should know the laws and how it works before you SLANDER a business online for doing NOtHING illegal. And slandering IS actually ILLEGAL.

I didn't ask for a refund - but you do what you feel is necessary. And I hope you treat future customer better and stop jumping to conclusions about people just because they don't see things the way you do

Have a wonderful day.

Domestic Godess said...

And I truly appreciate you calling me a toddler! Thanks. What she did was not illegal but it's not morally right. I processed your refund, I hope you got everything off your chest when it comes to sewing patterns and copyright. Why don't you make a pattern and see how hard it is. So by having my pattern for a symbolic fee it's more likely to be abused????? So if I had a higher price I would avoid this issue??? Unlike Brittney Sanchez I am not in it to make profit but to help out. I am trying to have my prices affordable so chemo headcoverings would be more accessible to people WHO NEED THEM. So in your eyes what I'm dong is wrong and I should stop helping people in need?????????????????

Domestic Godess said...

Again I AM NOT IN BUSINESS, I DO NOT PROFIT FROM WHAT I DO!!!!!!!! I DID NOT SLANDER!!! She came here out of her own free will and dug her own grave, she exposed herself. SHE WAS NOT A CUSTOMER!!!!!! SHE DID NOT PAY FOR THE PATTERN!!!!!!! I had 0 issues giving away my pattern until she came along!!!! Slander would mean that what I posted was untrue, did I post anything that was untrue??????

Skye Paige said...
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Domestic Godess said...

if you don't want people to profit off of things they made then the pattern business isn't for you. The whole point In making patterns is so people can make things from them and do what the please after. I didn't say Pattern making was simple or easy - I have people in my family diagnosed with different forms of cancer and came across your pattern looking for things to make for them. But for people who cannot sew there are a lot of people who would love to support a WAHM. As far as her price point ( it's none of anyone business) if people are willing to pay that price then so be it. But stop acting like she's a bad person when she's not. You cannot control if people profit off of this pattern! your pattern was NoT abused. I could see if she was selling your actual digitized pattern, but she isn't she is selling HER CREATION. And the only reason you don't like what I have to say is because I'm not backing you for bullying a business owner online for her doing nothing wrong. on Good deeds will not go unpunished!
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Domestic Godess said...

so we are back to that she is squeaky clean and I am a bully.

Domestic Godess said...

So what I'm doing is wrong again????????? OK you win , I'll take my patterns down because good deeds truly will not go unpunished!

Skye Paige said...

if you don't want people to profit off of things they made then the pattern business isn't for you. The whole point In making patterns is so people can make things from them and do what the please after. I didn't say Pattern making was simple or easy - I have people in my family diagnosed with different forms of cancer and came across your pattern looking for things to make for them. But for people who cannot sew there are a lot of people who would love to support a WAHM. As far as her price point ( it's none of anyone business) if people are willing to pay that price then so be it. But stop acting like she's a bad person when she's not. You cannot control if people profit off of this pattern! your pattern was NoT abused. I could see if she was selling your actual digitized pattern, but she isn't she is selling HER CREATION.
And the only reason you don't like what I have to say is because I'm not backing you for bullying a business owner online for her doing nothing wrong. And having patterns that cost money does mean you are in a business for it. She came here to defend herself because of the drama that was started. She is a customer as she has a pattern YOU created. She did not do it in malicious intent. And there is nothing wrong with selling something she made.

Domestic Godess said...

I'll direct anyone looking for patterns to you and Brittney Sanchez. Since you are the authority on bullying and the law.

Suzy Dobrotin said...

Hello, I would like to purchase your hat pattern, but its no longer on ETSY? Can you help me? I would like to make one for my Mom this weekend. She just had a large cancer spot removed on her scalp and needs to have something to cover her head that isnt too heavy, but pretty. Where can I get it?

Domestic Godess said...

Suzy - you can thank Skye Paige and Brittney Sanchez. If you answer a question under the comment here with your email I will email the pattern for free. I wish your mom the best!

Suzy D. said...

I'm very sorry you are having difficulties with the other people. I have no affiliation with them, and I really don't feel comfortable getting involved in your fight. I really just want to purchase a pattern from you so I can make a hat for my Mom. She loved it when I showed it to her on Pinterest and it made her happy . Please, can I just get a pattern somehow? Where can I send money via PayPal or from my bank. Please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help.

Domestic Godess said...

Suzy - I am sorry , this is your only option. When I gave it away for free, I got ripped to shreds. When I sold and donated money, I got ripped to shreds. I am done being nice and doing nice things for people when no one appreciates what I am doing. Why should I keep doing nice things when all I get is called names and headaches. I hope you find your pattern somewhere else. I am sorry but I am unable to help you.

ValAnn said...

Hello, I wanted to make one of these hats for a friend, and thank you for posting these and helping people. Sorry some people took advantage of your good nature. I am so sad to see people wanting to fight over this. I did check out an Etsy shop and I see why someone would need to take a free pattern to make money. I see handmade Items people sell and wonder how they do some people make any money?

BandAssassinNinja said...

Can someone please link the pattern to buy? I literally can't find it anywhere. I even sent the shop owner a message earlier.

BandAssassinNinja said...

There is literally nowhere else to get the pattern. I spent 2 hours looking for one online. I posted a comment on this thread and sent you a message on Etsy. I guess I should have read more of these comments. It's really frustrating that you choose to keep it to yourself after all this drama and then say you're 'unable' to help. Being unable to do something and choosing not to are two completely different things. I'm sorry that your experiences have made you feel the need to turn away two potential customers.

Domestic Godess said...

BandAssassinNinja - you cant find the pattern because it's no longer out there for it's no longer for sale. You need to answer a question under the thread with your email to receive the pattern. I'am sorry that you feel I am a mean person and "keeping it for myself". Would you lash out at Chanel for not sharing their patterns and "keeping it for themselves"? Why just single out me , why not demand that all other chemo headwear sellers on Etsy share their patterns with you? As you can see under the Plagiarism thread I have shared the pattern with plenty of people without any issues. You can also buy my scarf or any similar scarf and undo it and get the pattern this way. Again I am not doing this for money, I don't need your $2.50 (less after Etsy fees). By the way there are similar patters out there but their fit is different and And I am aware that I am a super mean person who does not need customers.

BandAssassinNinja said...

Those patterns are out of my price range. I wasn't trying to come off as rude, I just want to purchase the pattern. Thank you for the instructions on how to get it.

Sherry Steel said...

I feel sorry for you when all you wanted to do was to help people with cancer.
But as I'm not in your country and to purchase even the pattern, by the time you convert the currency it would not be worth it. Also as I intend to make a few of these no tie head scarfs for myself (I have breast cancer) and my hair is slowly growing back and need a light weight head cover now at an affordable price, that is why I'm going to sew my own. I made my own winter beanies now I need to sew my own summer scarfs. Your prices might be reasonable in your country, but to add P&H and the price of a few it would be out of my reach.

Good luck with your quest to prove a point.

Catharina said...

I forgot to say i am designing a pattern so when i am done. I will post you my pattern and then you can check it and also give it away for free. I will be sewing caps this year for free from my tons of scraps as long as the person in need can pay the postage from and too out of South africa. May you all be blessed. Think of it this way we are all girls and one day we will stand before our king Jesus and we are all going to be sisters in Heaven.

Catharina said...

Hey girls. GOD says blessed are the peacemakers. As I am reading the post above I realise that we all know atleast one lovely lady who is fighting cancer. Why dont the two of you make peace and start really putting your energy into helping these ladies. Going grey at 21 i realised grey is better than no hair. Can you imagine the heartsore pulling your hair from your head in tufts it is unthinkable and sad as our hair very often define us. We should all across the world help one another help these girls. I live in a third world country and the very poor here can not afford hats. Lets put our efforts in and give free hats while we have energy and health. I had a health scare last year and an op and if untreated in a few years i could have had cancer. So my hearts says we love sewing and we always have scrap fabrics. Lets start a worldwide movement sew these and other hats and not only for woman but also.children . I have hosted tea's for cansa we should all jump in and help. Lets give gifts and not fight

Unknown said...

My mum was recently diagnosed with her third cancer and is now in need of some hats like these. As I've taken up sewing as a hobby since her previous cancer battles, I'd like to have a go at making her some and would love to try your pattern. It's such a shame that some people want to take advantage of others' good deeds. If mum likes hers, I would be happy to make more to donate to others in need.

Diane said...

Would you be upset or flattered if you found your hat design being sold by the thousands by an Indonesian seller on Amazon? True "handmade" sellers on Etsy are not gettin' rich (not that they ever were!) since Etsy changed their policy and artists now compete with slave labor from 3rd world countries.

A pattern is a tool that has little value until someone dusts it off the shelf and uses it and sometimes not in the way it was intended :) How many of us buy patterns with the intention of making something and then file it away?

Rather than feeling ripped off, maybe be happy that someone was inspired to make up your design albeit with modifications to the pattern. On the flip side, the unknown factor here is how many other inspired seamstresses would have sewn the hat for charity had you continued to offer the pattern. *Some* people make two hats at a to sell and one to give away with the "profit" covering the materials and labor of the donated item. This is the risk one takes when gifting patterns/designs to the world at large. I run a site where I post free vintage patterns and I do it to keep the art alive and hopefully we'll have a new generation of stitchers that keep them going. The other valuable lesson I've learned from perusing patterns from past centuries is there is NOTHING new under the sun. Variables, yes, but like history that keeps on repeating, it's the same as it ever was.

I intend to incorporate the cute ruffle and flower on a beret hatband since I'm not fond of knitting/sewing skull caps for cancer patients since the close fit looks too obvious that one has no hair under it. Thanks for the (design) reminder since I had forgotten about the lettuce ruffles that I sewed onto the dresses for my grandchildren when they were wee tykes.

Karrie Kulhawick said...
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Karrie said...

This makes me sad. I have been searching the internet for patterns and think yours are some of the cutest. I would have loved to have the patterns for both. I have had a friend ask me to make some for her friend. While I do not intend to charge her for them, in the future, I may end up charging. I am not one who can afford to donate the fabric that it takes to make things. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck.

Joyce Weaver said...
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Ladysoul said...

Hi, may I have a copy of the pattern for my personal use? This is my email:

Looking forward to hearing from you.Thank you ��

Brenda J said...

I start chemo tomorrow. I want to make some headscarves to wear around the house. It is so hot and humid in TN still. I also woul like to make one for a friend who also has breast cancer and has lost her hair. I work at a quilt shop and we make different items for charity every third Friday. I think this would be an awesome project to add to our list of charities we sew for. So , if I could have or purchase the scarf pattern for personal use or clarity sewing only, I would really appreciiate it. My email is
Thank you,