Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hat sewing tutorial

 You can read here why the patterns are no longer available

You can use these alternative patterns . The middle on is free and the Voque ones go on sale every now and then.

Cut the pattern out and tape pieces together. Cut the fabric and lining on the fold. For lining I try to use a cotton blend knit, rayon knit or a performance fabric that will wick away moisture.
Stitch the seams marked with red.
Fold the hat in half so the rest of the seams meet.
Pin the top and stitch the seam.
 Sew the lining the same way just leave an opening on the long seam for turning.
 Place the lining inside the main fabric right sides together and match the long seam.
 I like to pin it before I sew to make sure it comes out even.
Stitch the lining and main fabric together.
 Find the opening in the lining and turn the hat right side out.
 Tuck the lining inside the hat and pin the edge so that 1/4 '' of main fabric is inside the hat. This is to make sure the lining does not peek out from the hat edge.
 Top stitch either with a double needle or a stretch stitch about 1'' from the edge.
Stitch the lining to the main  fabric at the crown with one or two stitches.

Handstitch the opening used for turning shut.

Press the top stitching and the hat hem.
To make the headband cut a rectangle 20 1/4'' x 5''. If your fabric allows wider than 5'' is better.
Pin the band right sides together and stitch.
Use the rolled hem setting on a serger to finish the raw edges. If you stretch the edge while serging then you'll get a curly lettuce edge.
Run a gathering stitch on the seam.
Gather tightly and knot the thread.
You can find the instruction on how to make the flower in an earlier post


Patrice D. said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern! I'm making several for friends overcoming cancer. They will love them!

Unknown said...

I can't seem to find the yardage and supplies needed for this hat. Could you please tell me where I can see that? THANK YOU

Domestic Godess said...

Hat, headband and flower will take 10" of 58w knit (but a piece of knit 10"x43" or 20"x22" would work too). For the lining 10"x22" piece of knit.

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